3T Swansea Reviews

  • The instructors are phenomenal. They have such patience with the kids. My little ones are learning to focus and have self discipline at home and at school.

    Shari B.
  • We have been working with 3T for over a year, and my child loves it. The students are not just awarded belts for showing up. They are challenged to take their training seriously. They are given life skills as well as traditional martial arts training. Young children learn how to protect themselves by avoiding and running away first. If you are in the Swansea area and looking for a Martial Arts school, I highly recommend 3T.

    Jill S.
  • Today, we live in a scary world and I worry about my safety at times. When I entered 3T Swansea, I wanted to learn how to defend and protect myself. The self-defense moves that I have been taught are very practical, but what impresses me the most is that when a particular move doesn't seem to work well for me, their quality instructors are able to modify the techniques to fit my body type and to utilize my strengths. I feel much more confident now and appreciate the customized instruction that I have received! Thanks 3T Swansea!

  • Before 3T Swansea, our son was having behavioral issues both at home and at school. Since beginning the program a little over a year ago, he has changed tremendously. He is more obedient, helpful, and polite at home and his behavioral reports from school are all positive now. In addition, he is now a more confident and happy child. 3T Swansea has changed my child's life and our family's dynamic. It is a blessing to have such a good Dojo so close to home! Thank you TEAM 3T!

  • Not only are the instructors fantastic they are also excellent technicians. The studio is well equipped, clean and very organized. The teachers have lesson plans and are well prepared to teach classes. A very professional school!

    Shawn S.
  • This school is a family oriented, values and ethics based facility whose approach to delivering a quality martial arts program is above reproach. Their instructors are of the highest caliber and from the moment you walk thru the door you know they have one goal in mind, to develop not only quality martial artists but,quality citizens who will be highly valued and productive members of society. I highly recommend this school for anyone from 3 to 93 because they have something for everyone and when they say "Team 3T" that's exactly what they mean!

  • My son was a student at this school for approximately 4 years until we moved. He received wonderful instruction and loved attending. Penny, the owner, strived to ensure her students were trained to meet life's obstacles, from self-control issues to bullying. Their lead instructor was FANTASTIC!

    Melissa B.
  • We lucked out when we found this school. The classes are fun and exciting and keep our kids engaged. But there is also a lot of focus on discipline, respect and other character lessons we want our kids to learn. They not only teach the concepts in class but give short homework assignments to reinforce the behaviors at home. There is also a strong sense of community here. We feel like we found a second home and family here. You will love it!

  • 3T is a quality environment that is geared toward positive personal growth. Individuals are allowed to develop at their own pace while properly encouraged to accomplish set goals. I have been a student at 3T for 7 years and have seen so many people who don't quit exhibit positive changes in their lives. Come to 3T with a serious desire to grow and you will.

    Anthony K.
  • Our family loves 3T we are more than a school we are a family. As a parent I love what they offer, it is more than martial arts. 3T focuses on character development and turning or children into leaders. My son started 2 yrs ago and now most of our family does it.

    Marianne D.
  • 3t Swansea it's an amazing place to come train and to meet new people it's were I went and trained and received my blackbelt I am so glad I meet the outstanding people there and to have the opportunity teach their also now I am moved on to help teach at the 3T studio down in San Antonio but all I have to say is if you are looking for a place to train 3T Swansea is the place to go!

    Jake D.
  • 3T has been a great experience for my whole family. We always look forward to each class!

    Daniel W.
  • Can't say enough good things about them! Not only is my daughter learning to defend herself, I am watching her character develop right before my eyes! Staff is well qualified and every one of them have a gift for teaching. Could not imagine a better place for my daughter!

    Tracy B.
  • We LOVE the staff at 3T! They are very professional yet personable. The staff is well trained in their various disciplines and well equipped to handle children with various needs. I am so glad we are members of the 3T family.

    Shanelle D.
  • I love the instructors at 3t because they push my kid to do the right thing THANK YOU!!!!

    Chris G.
  • They are the best. We're not just there to do karate it's more. We are family!!!!

    Corinna G.
  • I like 3T in Swansea because they are nice people. They are fun too.

    Patsy K.
  • Outstanding program and instructors.... Kenny has the time of his life and is learning important values and lessons.

    Samantha S.

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