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  • 3T Karate Teaches Students The 3 Steps To Handle Bullying

    3T Karate Teaches Students The 3 Steps To Handle Bullying

    Parents Often Feel Powerless To Help Their Kids Deal With Bullying
    It's one thing to know that bullying can have negative affects on your child. It's entirely another thing to know how to help your child handle being bullied, or what to do is someone else is being bullied. We tell our kids things like "just ignore them", or "its okay to stand up for yourself" but this doesn't usually translate into a resolution for your child. Often a parent feels powerless to help their child cope with these types of situations. But... it's imperative that kids learn to handle bullying while they are young. Bullies don't go away just because we grow older. They just take on different forms. They become ....

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  • Back To School Bully Blues

    Back To School Bully Blues

    With summer winding down, everyone is turning their attention toward the new school year. While parents may be anxious about getting their kids off to a good start for the school year, kids have their own anxieties about making new friends, dealing with peer pressure, and possibly having to deal with bullies. Most parents know their kids may experience some form of bullying they really aren't sure what to do about it. Statistics And Long Term Effects Of Bullying
    Bullying is receiving a lot of attention nowadays. The statistics are that up to 85% of our kids experience verbal, physical or cyber bullying. Kids who are bullied are more likely to ....

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  • Benefits Kids Get From Sparring In Martial Arts

    It might seem counter-intuitive that allowing kids to hit and kick each other would actually teach them self-control and self-discipline. Because we are doing sparring in the advanced classes this block I wanted to talk about some of the not-so-obvious benefits associated with sparring. Benefit #1 - Sparring Teaches Physical & Mental Toughness
    Ok... so this one is sort of obvious, but... still worth mentioning. Kids need to learn to take a hit. They also need to learn how to hit. Why? It teaches them to overcome their fear. Fear of hitting and of being hit. Learning to overcome physical fear is a way of developing courage in our kids -- especially when it is a controlled ....

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  • Why Kids In Belleville, O'Fallon, Fairview Heights Area Should Train In Martial Arts

    It’s a tough world out there! Kids today face peer pressure, bullying, high expectations and uncertainty. They need a healthy outlet that benefits both the body and the mind. That makes training in the martial arts a perfect activity for kids of all ages. 3T Karate has fun, exciting and rewarding children’s martial arts classes in Belleville, O'Fallon, Fairview Heights area. Here are just a few of the reasons kids today should learn martial arts: Martial arts builds confidence and self-esteem
    Children develop confidence through self-knowledge, attaining skills and practice. ....

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  • Karate Develops 5 Vital Skills For Pre-Schoolers

    Karate Develops 5 Vital Skills For Pre-Schoolers

    Preschool students at 3T Karate in Swansea develop 5 vital skills necessary for their physical and mental development. SKILL #1 - Karate Improves Self-Discipline
    Sounds obvious right? Tell me something I DON'T know! Well, yes, every parent understands that Self-Discipline is Vital, but not everyone understands exactly what Self-Discipline TRULY is which means they don't really know how to help a young child develop it. Self-Discipline is NOT the same thing as "Authority" Discipline. When a child "Misbehaves" and a Parent, Teacher, or other authority figure helps correct the child, that's NOT Self-Discipline. Although very important to a child's development, correction and ....

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  • Kids And Video Games - Things You Should Know

    Kids And Video Games - Things You Should Know

    Just as the parents of teens and older kids should know about online safety and social networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... parents of younger kids and tween should get informed about video games before making making decisions about how much time their kids?spend in front of a computer or TV screen. The web site discusses the 8 following things you should consider when deciding how long your kids should spend playing video games. ?1. Violence And Agression.

    While it would be an overstatement to say that video games are the primary cause of violent or antisocial behavior, studies show that violent games can be a contributor to the problem. Just watching ....

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  • Getting Your Children To Choose Right Over Wrong

    Getting Your Children To Choose Right Over Wrong

    ?I believe that most parents work very diligently to teach their children to know and understand right from wrong. So why... when we work so hard to to help our children understand the difference, do our children still do the wrong thing? It isn't that we've failed to teach them the difference between right and wrong... they know it. The struggle is in getting them to chooseto do right instead of wrong. Doing the wrong thing often has immediate payoffs that doing the right thing does not. Putting off homework to play video games comes with the immediate gratitication of doing a fun activity. Choosingthe "right" action of taking care of their school reponsibilitieshas anebuluous "it will ....

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  • Changing America Starts At Home

    Myself and my two boys enter the airport. I give my older son his boarding pass and ask “what next?” From there he guides my 6 year old and I through the security line at the airport all the way to our gate where we sit and wait for our plane. We change planes in Dallas and finally arrive at the baggage pickup at our final destination. The entire trip, from beginning to end, he leads us. He is 11 at that time I originally wrote this. I have parents tell me… “wow… that’s amazing”, or “wow… my kid could never do that.” But this didn’t "just happen by accident”. This is just one of the many skills that I’ve decided are important for both of my boys to master before turning 18. A few other ....

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  • Using Negatives In Life To Teach Positive Life Lessons

    How do you handle it with your kids when a martial arts instructor, teacher, coach, pastor, or anyone else in a position of authority does something that creates disappointment?I'm not talking about the kind of disappointment they feel when someone doesn't give them what they want or talks to them sternly. I'm talking about the gut-wrentchingdisappointment that comes from feeling betrayed. ?The kind that comes from finding out people aren't always who they say they are. The kind that steals their innocence... when they discover that the world isn't really a warm and fuzzy place and things aren't always as they seem.?How we handle these situations has a huge impact on how ourchildren ....

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  • Courage Sometimes Means Saying NO

    Courage is the ability to overcome fear in order to do what is right, even if it is difficult or risky. Courage can mean facing physical dangers, but it can also mean standing up for beliefs and making hard decisions on the basis of evidence rather than on what is popular thing to do. One of the hardest ways to be brave and couragous is to stand up for what we believe in and say "NO" to others when they are doing something that we don't feel is right. Sometimes it can be hard to say "NO" to dangerous or risky things our friends want us to do if we haven't thought about it in advance. Here are some tools you can use to make better decisions and use your moral courage to say "No". THE THREE ....

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