Jeremy Eisele, Martial Arts Instructor

Jeremy Eisele

Sensei Jeremy Eisele holds the following ranks.
  • 3rd Dan - Shotokan
  • 1st Dan - Shorin Kempo Karate
Sensei Eisele has been with 3T for almost 15 years. At a young age, he started studying martial arts from his father. He trained in Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo in Hawaii and Hapkido in Belleville, IL. He joined 3T in 2001 and studied under Kyoshi Pitassi, the founder of 3T. He is one of the initial instructors in the 3T System and was awarded his 3rd Dan by Kyoshi Pitassi in Shotokan as well as is 1st Dan in Shorin Kempo Karate. He is also a Certified Instructor in the 3T System. 

Sensei Eisele competed in the 2005 World Martial Arts Games in Munich, Germany receiving a Gold Medal in the Men’s Black Belt Kenpo Division. Sensei Eisele’s goal is to assist 3T and Kyoshi Pitassi in making 3T a household name and making a better society through the teaching and concepts of the martial arts.

Sensei Eisele holds an Associate’s Degree in Science and Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a Medical Science Specialization. He also has ten years experience with the YMCA as an Interim Fitness and Aquatics Director, Lifeguard Instructor and Swim Instructor.

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