Brannon Haller, Martial Arts Instructor

Kids Karate in Belleville

Brannon Haller

Sensei Haller holds the following martial arts ranks.
  • 2nd Dan - Shorin Kempo Karate
  • 2nd Dan - Tae Kwon Do
  • 1st Dan - Wa No Michi Ryu

Sensei Haller's Comments:  I  started in martial arts when my parents decided I needed to learn discipline and self control.  I have found I love inspiring and giving back to others.  I like the 3T community for the great training environment, and more importantly, the caring attitude the staff and instructors have for others.  In the future, I hope to own my own 3T studio AND become an Instructor Trainer.  I want the opportunity to teach others how to inspire and create impact in more people's lives.

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